Off The Map 4 Wheel Drive Club (OTM)

Membership Info

So you want to see what it takes to become a member of Off The Map 4 Wheel Drive Club, here you go.

Pre-requisites to Becoming a Member:
You must be at least 21 years old.
You must hold a valid driver's license.
You must have a minimum of personal liability (PL) and property damage (PD) insurance

Steps to Becoming a Member:
Read and agree to the Off The Map 4WD Club(OTM4WD) By Laws. Available at the meeting or by clicking here
Vehicle must be inspected by the Off The Map 4WD Club (OTM4WD) technical committee prior to a trail ride
You must attend at least 1 Off The Map 4WD Club (OTM4WD) monthly Meeting.
You must attend an official Off The Map 4WD Club(OTM4WD) monthly Trail Run or Event within 3 months from Meeting
Complete and turn in Membership and Waiver Forms, click here to download.
Fill out the Emergency Medical Form and put it in your glove box, click here to download.

These forms can be found by checking out the Club Forms section of this website or if you register for our forum you can find them there as well.

Membership dues will be discussed at a later time, get to know us first.  We will say that yearly dues for OTM4WD will be under $80.

Mandatory Gear you must have before going on a trail run with OTM4WD: (This is the minimum)


Spare Tire / Internal Beadlocks / Stitch equipment / Tools to fix a tire
Tow Points (Front and Rear)
Fire Extinguisher
A working and functional CB Radio (we have members that can help with this)
1st aid kit
Recovery Strap
Tree Saver
Winch (preferred)


If you have additional questions about becoming a member of the OTM4WD Club then please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.